Hydrangea Macrophylla Burning Embers Zone 5

patriciac(z5IL)June 8, 2005

Okey Dokey. I posted here a few months ago because I am just outside Chicago, in Zone 5 and last summer I purchased 4 Burning Embers Hydrangea Macrophylla that are supposed to be everblooming.

Well, I posted because last year they didn't grow very much or sport many flowers. I was told to write them off because they wouldn't survive in my area.

Well, it's June now and although they haven't grown much in height or width over last year, they have TONS of flower buds which didn't happen last year.

To add to my confusion last years wood is just sitting there dry looking and lifeless, without any green whereas all the green growth came up from the bottom.

Is this normal?

Can I trim the unsightly wood?

Will it grow very much and if so how can I help it along?

Any help would be appreciated!!! I don't want to give up on these plants, but truthfully I bought them to cover an ugly iron fence across my back yard!

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karen_w(5 MI)

I think I have four of these hydrangeas, but I thought the name was Glowing Embers.
ANYway, the landscaper put them in about four years ago. They bloomed after the first winter, but not since. I cut them back to the ground each spring, not knowing they're supposed to bloom on old wood, except this spring I left them alone. The old wood is dead-looking, bit I think the plants are just beginning to bud from the new growth. They're getting that chartreuse color that happens just before buds form.
I, too, am confused. I can tell you one thing. They're still about the same size they were when they were first planted.
If you want something that'll grow like a monster, may I suggest some Annabelles?

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I live in southern Wisconsin,almost on the Illinois border and I have Annabelle and she is doing "okay". Not a bad bloomer,but nothing great. They do like the shade though,at least mine do. Good Luck!

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