Help me determine my Japanese Maples Age....

mishaelJanuary 21, 2007

Hello Forum, I've purchased a good number of maples since early summer of last year and would now like to start documenting their growth. Can you help me determine the age of my maples?

I have in my collection now:

A.p. 'Bloodgood' (I think ?) 42"h x 18"w,

A.p.d. 'Oreangeola' 36"h x 36"w (weeping),

A.p.d. 'Seiryu' 60"h x 18"w,

A.p. 'Orange Dream' 24" h x 12"w,

A.p 'Sango Kaku' 60"h x 24"w,

Variegated AtroPurpureum 60"h x 48" w, and

Aureum Golden Full Moon 12"h x 8"w (potted).

I did have a Koto No Ito that I purchased on Ebay from a seller out of Washington state but the Koto portion died and another j. maple bagan growing from the base of the trunk. I didn't disown it but I'll have to figure out what it is once the leaves grow in during the spring. Why did that happen?



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The only direct experience I have with Japanese maples from seed is Bloodgood. I have one that is 5 years old and is 40" tall and 16" wide. It was transplanted once in its young life. This probably put it a year behind.

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Any arborist will tell you; you can't tell age by size, and I don't think I see any sizes that would stand up to a core sample...

The graft didn't take on that Koto-no-Ito; if you leave understock to grow it often neglects the scion...


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yama(7b Ga)

I agree to Scott 100%
How fist tree grow is depend on how trees are maintained.
in pot,or ground ? how offten feed J maple and what kind of fertilizer. what is growing condition ? type of soil, irrigated or not. Many fact/ condition affect to growth of J maple or any other trees /plants.

Last year in spring, I tested to grow willow trees in 1 gal pot less 24inch tall. I fed willow trees heavely and size up pot to 5 gal and 7 gal. Less than 60 days , most willow tree reached over 5 feet, some are reached to 6 feet and over.
You have to live with mistery ^^. ............yama

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