Help wifes prize chili plant dying

bullgooseMay 14, 2013

Hello all. Hope someone Can give mé some Sound advice.

My wife went on a holiday for a week the same Day i finished my first Bubble bucket. I decided to give her prize chili the honourable distinction of Being the first plant to grace Said bubbler. She loves this plant and even has a Name for it. Lol

I know i Got carried away and rushed things. I used Danish tap Water without checking ph. For nutrients i used organic Stuff bought from a guy selling plants. He assured mé it was good for chilis though his english was poor and he did not understand it was for hydroponic growing. The Stuff is supposed to be mixet at 100/1 for normal watering but i thought cranking it up to 80/1 ish, was a good idea to give her a jump start which i Think May have been one of several mistakes i made. The nutrient is made from fish waste amongst other things. It stinks to much to have in the house so Will be changing that asap.

I believe more than the nutrient it is root shock as this plant was in soil before. the plant is drooping a lot and has been for three days the foilage is still a vibrant green though so i feel there is hope. I looked around and followed advice to. Cut it back that was near two days ago. I havechecked Water levvels and they are fine.

How long Can root shock last and what Can i dó. I worry i might be fiddling around with it. To much. Should i just leave it ?

It has even crossed my mind to transplant back to soil or is that madness ?

I have 4 days to perk it up before the Missus returns or Will have to go scouring the shops for a similar looking plant

ThIs was my wifes first plant from seed hence the exessive importance

Cheers. Dave

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well depending on how much you mangled the roots when you were cleaning off the dirt, I could see several days before the plant perks back up. You may want to trim you nutrient back to something along the lines of 1/3 strength until it perks back up. You shouldn't need to but since you don't know much about what you're feeding the plant it may be better to play it safe.
Are the roots / medium getting wet? are they submerged? A few pictures might help out a bit.

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"Hello all. Hope someone Can give mé some Sound advice. "

Here is your sound advise. Run, don't walk to you nearest hydro shop and pick up some nutrients specifically made for hydro. If you don't know what you are doing, you can kill a plant quickly just suing some random chemicals that the plant shop sells.

Hot pepper plants don't like strong nute solutions in the first place. You should see signs of nute burn on your leaves soon if the nute strength is too high. I would recommend starting at 1/2 strength and not really going much higher than that.

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Plus 20 on getting hydro nutrient. You're probably killing the plant with the stuff you purchased for soil.

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What they said about the hydroponics. I hope the plant makes it.

And start working on a sincere and humble apology to your wife for unilaterally deciding to meddle with her plant without consulting her. Let this be a learning experience to you, and in the future don't let your enthusiasm for your projects override the good sense not to mess with other people's things without permission.

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