Mini Penny questions

janetpetiole(4b)June 28, 2011

I think this is my first post here. Hi everyone.

I bought a Mini Penny last year. It was planted last fall next to the foundation in a moist spot that receives morning sun. By 11 am it is in full shade, although I suppose you could say it's bright shade. It is blooming now, about a foot high, and 2 feet wide in spots. It looks healthy, and the flowers are spaced nicely around the plant. However...

I thought it was suppose to grow 3-4 feet tall and wide, eventually. I check a few sites last night and saw the size at maturity to be anywhere from 2-3 feet tall to 7 feet tall. Is that due to how much light it receives? I'm assuming that 7 feet tall is an error, but a few sites did list it's height at maturity to be 3-4 feet, and that's what the plant tag stated. The plant tag also stated that is was ok for my zone, but I've seen some sites that state it's zone 6 and above.

If it gets only 2-3 feet tall, I'll need to move it to a different location, but I'll wait until early fall.

Has anyone been growing this plant for a few years? How much light does your Mini Penny get and how tall is it? If my plant is flowering so well, is it safe to assume it's getting enough sun? Does any one have a Mini Penny that is 4 feet tall? What about the zone difference - does anyone have Mini Penny growing in zone 4 successfully?

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Seven feet tall? It sounds like an error. As in typing the stats for regular-sized Penny Mac instead of the new Mini Penny.

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I have a Mini Penny that's 3+ years old and has reached >4' tall x 5' wide. It gets a little morning sun, mostly shade. Prolific and heavy blooms that flop to the ground. Next year I'll support it. Zone 7A.

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Give it time-does it get killed to the ground every year or do you protect it in your zone?

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