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taralynna(9)January 5, 2008

Hello all.

I am just starting to plan out my Japanese Garden. I've been quietly reading posts here and have a very tall stack of books (some mentioned here). I'm doing my homework and am glad to know where to go to hang out and compare notes.

I've posted some photos of the area where I'm planning the garden. You'll see that I have many challenges ahead.

I would love your comments or suggestions, should you care to give them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Future Garden Pics

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If you are just starting out on your Japanese garden I am sure will find a litle bit of help and inspiration at my link below .

Here is a link that might be useful: George's Japanese Garden

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George, Your website is how I found this forum. I love your garden and am green with envy for that moon gate.

Thank you for responding.

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I don't get it. Is there some kind of Japanese garden in those photos? Or is that just the site where you will remove what's there and replace all that stuff with a Japanese garden?

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