Japanese tripod ladder

bonheJanuary 13, 2007

Hi All,

I'm a newcomer in this forum. I'm looking for a Japanese aluminum tripod ladder. I found lot of tripod ladder on the web, but I just like the design of Jap. ladder. Stonelatern.com used to have it, but not anymore. Could anyone tell me where I can get one. Thanks a lot in advance. Tuan

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yama(7b Ga)

You never find Jap ladder.
Within very short time your posting will be removed. ...............................Yama

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi Bonhe
you can buy orchard ladder from many arbolist supply stores. Shipping cost is high. differnce between home made and Aluminum trypod ladder is
1)Homemade is much easeir to use than factory made.but heavyer than aluminum/factory made. I use hichory saplings to make trypod ladders. hickory is stronger than oak.
If you tell me what state you are in, I can tell you where you can buy orchard ladder.

Also check google serch" tripod ladder".

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Hi Yama,
Thanks a lot for replying. I'm living in Corona, CA. You're right. I found a company that sell Jap. tripod (I believe Japan's company ordered this kind of tripod from China) in England. The cost of shipping to my place is almost equal to the tripod price !! So I'd rather to find a orchard tripod in the US. One company name Stokes has this kind of ladder (more heavier than the one made in China). Bonhe

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What mike is trying to tell you is that he finds Jap insulting but being a Jap he is too polite to say it. 'Japanese' is the right word.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi Bonhe
There is a company making trypod ladder in Calfornia, also Arborlist supply store/ mail order( in Cal). If you can't find it let's me to know. I will find it for you( My file cabinet is in mini storage, I have to drive 20 miles to get it ^^ ).

My dear friend ^^.

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Hi Yama,
I'm so shock when I read the post of Inkognito. I'm so sorry if you misunderstood me. I had no means to insult you or any Japanese when I used "Jap." as abbreviation of Japan. Again, please accept my apology. Bonhe

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi bonhe
I know you didn't mean to insult to any one. Don't warry about it. nowaday JPN or Jp work better ^^.
Some time I have to show my teeth and let's them to know that we are not happy to see "Jap" word anywhere.
I will tell you story(s) later...................... yama

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