What's wrong with my Abiqua Moonbeam

Gesila(MI Z5)June 14, 2013

Any idea what's wrong with this guy? It probably got left in the garden over the winter. What should I do with it?


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There is plenty of life left in it. Look at the new growth in 3 separate places. Put it in the ground, let the newly emerging leaves get some growth and then trim the dying foliage.


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Repotting or planting out is in order, IMO. The momma plant looks like she got/ stayed too wet & is maybe a bit too deep. Nice younguns' on the way, though so rescue efforts definitely worth it.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

when the swirl of leaves.. is right at the soil level.. my first suspect is that it sunk in the pot...

and with its sieboldiana/tokudama heritage ... it got too wet.. in weather too cold ...

and on top of it.. there are weeds in the pot.. who are you ... and what did you do with ocd gesila... whats that all about.. lol ...

repot or plant ... then pray ...


ps: refresh my memory.. whats its other name .... my first trip to a hosta nursery.. who knew.. back in the mid 90's or so.. was to englearth gardens.. out your way ... and they had a mature plant of this.. under the other name.. which will come to me as soon as i hit send.. and i was hooked.. line and sinker and all... ahhh mayan moon...to die for .. 1650 hosta later.. i gave up ...

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I think its other name is Mayan Moon. My Abiqua Moonbeam,has always grown well,but it has always been planted in the ground. Phil

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