Sutras of Buddhism which have influence to J apanese garden desi

yama(7b Ga)January 27, 2007

Hi all

I know that some folks don't like to see any religion subject on gw j garden forum.But unlike any other type of gardens, Japanese garden had and have strong tie to Buddhism.It is plain history and fact. If you don't like to see religion in Japanese garden forum, Please let's me to know. I will post somewhere else.

For those who are intresting where Japanese garden design consecept come from. I can tell which sutras had great influence to Japanese garden design.

For those who believe that Japanese garden, Flower arrengement,Tea ceremony have nothing to do much with Buddhism, I welcome your opinion.


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I would be interested to here about Buddhism and the garden ... how about the Heart sutra ??

Good Day ...

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi kid
Heart sutra is widely read by many sects of Buddhism. The Heart sutra is transrated by many Buddhism scholar.It is one of very short sutra. purland buddhism and zen sects use heart sutra to study.but Heart sutra don't link to J garden design.
If you like, I give you name of place you can ask for information about Buddhism in English.
but befor please try to use gogle serch for heart sutra.
My bed time is past few hours ago. I will get back to you later..........................yama

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Ahh .. perhaps you could briefly list the sutras that are important japanese gardens ? Later you can elaborate.

What very little I know of the sutras come from "The Compass Of Zen" by Zen Master Seung Sahn and readings of the Dalai Lama and Osho's books on Zen.

"Form is emptiness ..and emptiness is form" I understood the teachngs of the heart sutra ... could this not be so in the garden ?

Good Day ...

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi kid
three sutras of pureland buddhism, Amida kyo, Kanmuryoju kyo, Muryoju kyo, Kegon kyo, Bonmo kyo, three of Jizo bosatsu. Jizo bosatus hongan kyo, Nehan kyo. Dainichi kyo.Hokke kyo. ( kyo means Sutra).
Kanmuryoju kyo, muryojukyo, Kegon kyo,Bonmyo kyo have great influence to Japanese garden design. Sutras which zen sect use don't mention any garden. But many zen monks study pureland buddhism and Pureland monks also study Zen.

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