Pairings with Pinky Winky

DisplacedClevelander(6a)June 28, 2013

Trying to find two hydrangeas on either side of a Pinky Winky that would compliment the colors in Pinky Winky.

I'd prefer to have hydrangeas that bloom on new wood. The area where the Pinky Winky will go is in partial sun. The area in front of and in back of the Pinky Winky is shaded with spotty sun.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Take a look at Quickfire hydrangea......lace cap flowers start out white and turn pinkish red.....would go well

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I have my Pinky Winkies with Quickfires. They look great together :)

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Hmm.. 2 suggestions of Quickfire.. I sense a pattern! Terrific. Thanks for the suggestions.

Is the pink on Pinky Winky and Quickfire a genuine red or is it more of a pink? Google image searched both and some look red but a lot look pink. I've never seen a genuinely red hydrangea before. They always look more of a pink to me.

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Yes, hydrangeas do not have the necessary pigments to produce a real, true red. It would be interesting to see new colors, like red, orange and yellow.

I once saw a picture that showed an unnamed, early blooming paniculata paired with a Tardiva. The brown spent blooms of the unnamed paniculata, besides the Tardiva's white blooms, looked awesome. I speculated that the unnamed paniculata had to be an early flowering one.

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