tomato leaf pics??

kylle221May 6, 2009

first off, I would have a full tray of these plants but my new labbradoodle likes tomato plants!

Can someone help on this first time attempt at hydro and tomatoes?

The lower leaves are getting dry and crispy. The leaf tips are also curling under. There is a clear film one some of the leaves that looks like its peeling off? All that said, there is still new growth everyday thats healthy.

Is it the fan or temps?

250 hps at around 18 inches from the top

78-80 temps with light and fan on.

ph 5.8-6.4 (sometimes it gets into the 7.0 range. but i check it every morning

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here are a few more pics, it has gotten worse today.

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kylle221. I have about zero hydro experience but from what I've read I'd say maybe your nutrient solution is too concentrated?? I thought i had read that leaf curl or burn is a result of too much nutrient. I've read people typically just start a fresh nutrient back about every 2 weeks.

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Well thats what i was thinking, i'm using a new solution but at only half strength? Things were going great till just a few days ago. Now its seems like its getting worse by the hour. maybe i should flush the system?
thanks for the response.

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Hi kylle221: Saw your pics on your question and was wondering if you could explain how to input them. Thanks for your help. Lynn

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no prob, i dump my photo's(from my computer)to photobucket. That website then gives you a code for each photo. just copy and paste the code to the message box you wright your responses in on this site. if you have any more questions let me know!

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