Roses and the rainy season in Japan?

iammikiyoshiJanuary 27, 2007

I know traditionally gardens in Japan don't have lots of flowers, but if a person wanted to plant such a garden in Japan, roses, peonies, poppies, etc.(add some cottage garden elements), how would the plants be effected by the rainy season in June? Do all the petals fall off? Are the plants just fine, only wet? Does it delay summer bloomers? I guess I am not sure how much/how hard it rains. Is there anyone here from Japan, or who knows who I could ask? I have done a lot of research on the web, but I can't find an answer to such a specific question (not in english anyway). I very much want to know, planting times, and blooming times of year, as compared to here, Northeast U.S.A. Does it rain all day, or just a shower? Do people still work the soil, plant seeds, seedlings, prune in this rain, or is there a pause in gardening for June?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi Kiyoshi
Rainy season of between end of May to early July is called "Tsuyu" Some time home owner use unbrella to protect flower. Hokkaido don't have tsuyu/rainy season.

Planting time
It is depend on plant and location. Are you in zone 6 or 5?
If you can tell where you live/general location then I can tell more specificly.

Blooming time of year
If cherry tree's flowering timing from kyushu to Hokkaido, It is normaly forcasted well every year. Useing Yoshino cherry as indication tree. some cherry tree bloom twice . spring and fall. some cherry tree bloom twice one after another. Some plants,shurbs bloom longer than otherssome tree flower only two weeks or so and some blooms 3 month or longer.ability of tree, shurbs,plants,and skill of gardner make different.

some time rain/shower 4~5 days continuosly. This time of rain is very important to grow rice.
rain of summer and after typhoon season's rain are different. During typhoon season we have heavy rain.

Inland of Northeast and coast of north east have different weather. so does Japan. For exsample Hokkaido island, northern part of Japan, Hakodate city is more like new York. northern part of Hokkaido is like Alberta, Cannada

Blooming time
Again it is depend on plants and location.If you travel 50 miles to north,south east or west blooming time of same plants may differ 10 days or more. early or late. If elevation is chenged then blooming time of same plant may differ 30 days or more.

If you contac to Cosulate General of Japan in your area, they will provide you some free information. Don't afraid to ask.....yama

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Thand you Yama.

I am interested in the area around Kyoto, for information about flower growing season, and effect of the tsuyu in June, and of the typhons in fall, on a garden grown in that general area.

You have already been very helpful, can you tell me more about this area in particular?

I am in the U.S.A, do you think the Consulate General of Japan would still answer my questions?

Thank you

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yama(7b Ga)

Call consulate general of Japan anyway. They have some free informations.Ask all of it. You may find intresting informations. "Notheast" cover wide area. northern part of northeast or southpart of north east are not same.
Do your part then I will help you more.^^ .........yama

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yukio(PDX, OR)

Another way to determine what flowers bloom during each season, one could look at some of the traditional arts like screen paintings, ikebana , pottery, kimono material. Because, each season has flowers and plants which represent the current season are usually can be found in the art. er go, screen with susuki and a moon is probably fall. Botan is late spring. Most of these themes are centered around the time which the flowers bloom in Kyoto. If you would like more info drop a line.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi kiyoshi
I am not for sure that Consulate general of Japan 's stuff able to give you answer or not,but they have some informations about Japan. Untill you call you them, you never know what you can get.
In general, most trees, shrubs bloom betweeen spring to fall. but some plant ,tree bloom in winter.

Tyhoon season
Tyhoon is not only happens in fall. Month of July, August,September, October are the season of tyhoon.

Weather of kyoto is similar to Atlanta or north Georgia. Depend on what part of kyoto.

If you want to dig very detail information, then check " Nogyo hakusho" report of Japanese Agriculture.It's should have some information about kyoto.
If you are student and you have Japanese parent(s), Ask to find chamber of commerce of kyoto.

good luck.....................yama

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi David
Did you recieved sanskrit book? I am not good at keeping cell phone with me all time. Please send me e mail.

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Thank you Yama.
I have gone to the Consulate General of Japan website in New York, it did have some useful information and some links I will check out. (I feel a little nervous to write or email directly the consulate, but you are right I wont know if I don't ask.). I am unsure of exactly where in Kyoto would be best (for such a garden), more information will help me narrow it down. I will check out the "Nogyo Hakusho" report you mention.
I am unhappy to hear that typhoons can start as early as July and August. Are there parts of Kyoto where it doesn't happen til September? I need the flowers to bloom, and stay on the plants for a couple of months.

Thank you David.
I do have some print outs of the five hundred essential season words (I forget what it is called, it has some name, used in traditional poetry and arts) that is along the lines you mention, what is talked about in what season is what blooms then (or happens then.

I am hoping for some information like, this part of country is zone 5 or 6 (I guess it would probably be like US zone 6 in parts of Kyoto?) and then you know you buy seed packets and they say what zones they can be planted in, and when and how long they bloom. I just found and ordered a book called Garden Plants of Japan. I am hoping it will answer some more of my questions. Thank both of you for all your help. After I find out a bit more, I will most likely have more (specific) questions to ask.


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yama(7b Ga)

David and I , we are friend.We both are Buddist. I am old enough to be grand father David is younger and taller than I am. I am from Tokyo, Born there and gronw up there.Daivid is born in USA.

I am glad that you are going to serch your self and spend your time to find something you are intrested.
as long as you doing your part of foot work, We will help you.
There was Isewan tyhoon which hit kyoto very hard. I will find date of Isewan tyhoon. Japanese news paper might have some informations.
I do not have much of informations about it.Do you know Yakushiji temple? second oldest wood building in the world .(1200 To 1300 years old.) When tyhoon hit kyoto city hared, Oldset biulding din't damaged badly, but new addtional buildings 50 to 100 yaers old had heavey damage. Mordan technology couln'd withstand tyhoon but 1200 old only had minor damage. If you are interesting about it I can find it more.

Past 20 years or so English garden was very popular in Japan. Some time garden/flower lover use umbrella to protect flowers.
Having many rain in June is very important for rice famer.
I think most part of Japan get over 6o inch of rain. Georgia get about 54 inch of rain each year. Japan has more mosses and ferns than USA and Canada combined. Land of Japan is only 1/23 of USA about 1/20 of Canada.

let's us know your finding(s)................yama

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yama(7b Ga)

I forgot to tell you Tifany. Consulate General office has free monthly information. You can ask for it.
There are many consulates are workingat each Conslulate General office. The Conlulate General of Japan is not handling each request or question (s) ^^
Also they may stock some books and video for rent. If You talk to the office personal, you may find something else.

All Consulate General stuff are doing what they are paid for. "Helping you" So Don't affrid to call.
Many American are working at Consulate general office too. Call them and ask.
Also when you call( or e mail and request information) Consulate General office, Ask for JETRO's phone number. JETRO is short of " Japan external Trade organization" They have huge data, They may also give you information(s) you are looking for.
( I use to maintained Consulate Generals of Japan's official resident and have a friend in consulate office).


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Here is someone who is growing roses very successfully in
Hokkaido Japan

Here is a link that might be useful: Kiho's garden

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