Satsuma in Container

yakkwak(8A)February 20, 2013

Have purchased a Miho Satsuma Mandarin Orange tree that is just loaded with flower buds on every branch. This is a dwarf tree that is hardy to 20 deg.F. As I have done in the past with Calamondin citrus cultivar, my goal is for it to be a container tree. It sits next to large, sliding glass doors and will be wheeled outside for the day onto the patio on the other side when weather is nice. As it is so bud loaded, I did NOT want to mess much with it until after harvest (it is self-pollinating variety). I transferred it into a 12" wide by 18" high ceramic pot w /tray with no root trimming. Will this size be OK? I am not interested in it getting any larger. I bonsai many plants and have a 3' high Calamondin citrus graft that produces fruit and a four year old, 1' Calamondin from seed that will probably never bear. The blooms are supposed to be very fragrant but the buds are not throwing off ANY scent. Will this change as they open?

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