Strawberry flowers so soon?

PatioGardener124May 8, 2011

I have only planted my strawberries in pvc tower 2 weeks ago and ive been watching the new leaves apear. Just the other day i noticed that some new growth look like flower buds. Is it normal to get flowers this soon.

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Yes, often times you will see them with flowers at the nursery, still in the small 6 pack packages. As long as they have overwintered, and have a few leaves they can easily begin flowering.

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so should i pinch them back... thats what ive heard I should do... or can i let them flower and fruit?

they are albion and fern strawberries

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That's up to you. I wouldn't. Strawberries are continuously furring plants, witch means they will grow both foliage as well as fruit at the same time. So I don't see a benefit of doing away with the first berry's.

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The idea of pinching the first couple of flowers is to let the plant grow larger before it focuses on producing fruit. a larger plant (green mass) can put more energy into growing larger strawberries.

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