Singapore Hydroponic Gardens

BryguyMay 20, 2012

Hello! I am an engineering student working in Singapore on an engineering project for urban gardening. As my team has researched different ways to accomplish our objectives we have looked at hydroponics as a viable solution. We are dealing with government housing in Singapore which is very small so space is a very big issue. The climate is very hot and humid. We were wondering if there is any advice out there about design ideas, methods that may work, problems that you have encountered etc. Really any user feedback from people who active participate in indoor gardening would be extremely helpful as we try to improve the processes and technologies that are currently used. We hope to hear from you - BYU Engineering Team

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search this forum for jean-luc and/or lucas. If you can tolerate all the arguing and bickering he caused, you may find some useful information as he lives in thailand.

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I have something that will interest you. Go to Sustainable Hydrponics. Let me know what you think. And yes there's bickering there too. Hahaaaaa

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Hi there. BYU Engineering Team,
My name is Thomas and i would like to meet you guys to learn together with you guys about the hydroponics technology. Hope we can share each other our knowledege. Pls reply me at

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