Pastel colored hydrangea suggestions....

joannembJune 27, 2010

I am very drawn to light colored hydrangeas.... light blues especially. Beside Blushing Bride, can anyone suggest other mophead types that show lighter hues? Would Penny Mac be another good choice?

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Also, has anyone heard of the new "Nantucket Blue" hydrangea---supposed to be a take on Nikko blue but a repeat bloomer?

I'm in Cleveland zone 5b, but I have a sister theresa that I never winter protect and she does fine. I'm looking for blue's....which would be my best bet:

1.) Go with Nikko Blue
2.) Go with reliable endless summer and mess with the ph to make it blue

Or, wait till next year and hope I can find the nantucket blue variety which is pretty much the best of both worlds.

Does it all come down to the ph of the soil, or are some blues (like Nikko) more pre-disposed to be blue?

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Mini penny or Penny Mac would work--Big Daddy is a good light blue but is a tempermental bloomer so maybe not in your area unless you protect...

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Thank you! They both look perfect. Is mini penny just a smaller version of Penny Mac? I got conflicting info on the size of Penny Mac..... One site said it got 5-6 ft. Another saide 3-4. I need 3 ft. max....should I go with mini penny for sure then?

Lastly, Petitis is having a 50% off sale.... and since I need 7 of these to make a hedge, I'm tempted to buy what they have. They do not have mini penny (any idea who does? Lowes?) but have "All Summer Beauty" which they told me is a lighter blue compared to "Endless Summer." Any experience with this kind? Since I can get a deal on it, would it be similar to the color of mini penny (which I really really like?)

Lastly, is Mini Penny a true repeat bloomer like Endless summer?

Thank you so much!

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Joan, I too would like to know if Mini Penny is a repeat bloomer like ES. On one website the description reads: 'Penny Mac' Hydrangea blooms on new wood with a tight growth habit. Blooms consistently, even if the first buds are killed by a late frost.

However I wonder what the experience of buyers has been when compared to the ES. Does it still need winter protection? is it hardy to zone 5?

Maybe someone who knows will come along. Until then here is a website with some info:

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Mini does repeat bloom for me here in zone 7

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Hi All,
Mini Penny is a repeat bloomer for me in MA6b and is a softer blue than Niko Blue. I think the name Mini may fib a bit, I've read where it can get as big as Penny Mac, but maybe it take a little long to reach it's full size(?). Another great one is David Ramsey, still blue for us in our alkaline soil and with our soft water. This is a medium blue, not an electric blue that you see so often, and definitly a repeat bloomer, last year it, along with Mini Penny kept producing flowers right up until frost. I'd recommend both for a medium blue. Also Mini Penny and David Ramsey don't have any of the other lavender tones (yet anyway) that ES sometimes has. There all gorgeous!! I've yet to see All Summer Beauty in any of our local nurseries, it I do I'll just have to try one!!


Mini Penny I think you can see she is a softer blue, really stunning from a distance, definitly a pastel..... From HYDRANGEAS


David Ramsey is a medium blue I don't quite think I would call it pastel, but it isn't too dark, also very beautiful from a distance..........I think I posted this one once somewhere, but here it is again...... From HYDRANGEAS

My husband just loves David Ramsey.......

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Well those pictures just make me want a mini penny even more. Unfortunately it seems that the only place that carries it in Utah is Home Depot and they do not have any right now. Actually there is a nursery about four hours away that might carry it but I'm not sure I want to go that far.

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