Loving Wedding Gown Hydrangea (photos)

greenhavenrdgardenJune 29, 2012

So I bought several of these on a wim and I have to say they are gorgeous. They've been blooming their heads off for weeks with no sign of slowing down. Love them!

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They are just lovely. What a nice crisp white they are. I need more hydrangea!

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Can you share more pics as the flowers mature? Apparently you are supposed to deadhead to encourage more blooming though.

I really like these so far!

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No problem. I'll take more pics to tomorrow. We had a nasty hail storm that ruined a lot of my flowers but these didn't have a ding in them. I keep looking to dead head but the blooms are lasting SOOOO long. More keep opening on new stems that are growing so I have flowers ontop of flowers. I removed 2 small dead flowers that finally died (turned almost yellow and then brown) but that was it so far out of 7 plants.
I do have them in dappled sun with very little direct sun. I went back to the Home Depot I bought them in and they have them in full sun. Those plants are now fried and look awful.
I'm VERY happy with these. No wilting. Not needing much water and it's been high 90's here in CT. They have been virtually care free.

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