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JeevsMay 21, 2013

Hello everyone. I'd like to start a Hydroponic Ebb and Flow system, because it seems like the most beneficial and effective, so I would like people opinions, methods and building/purchasing help. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

I'm not really sure if I got my zone correct (3a) ahah

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Is this for indoor or outdoor?

I wouldn't recommend E and F for outdoor grows. Too much surface area to collect rain water.

What are you planning on growing? That will determine what type of hydro system is the best.

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you can put a lid on it to limit collection of rain water outside. I used 1/2" styrofoam then cut holes for each plant. it also acts to reduce heat gain through the medium, reduce evaporation, and keeps bugs from laying eggs in your medium.
I like EnF because, with a suitable medium, you can be pretty negligent of them and they're unlikely to dry out. on the other hand, they're heavy and you won't be moving them very often.
I built a simple frame from privacy fence boards (for the bottom) and 1x4's for the side approximately 24" x 48" then double lined the whole thing with plastic. one wrong choice I made and would recommend against was I put the drain in a corner. because of the bunching of plastic, it was very difficult to make it not leak. If I were to redo it, I would move the drain hole more to the center.
This picture shows basically how it works:

I used lava rock as a medium and only had to flood it every 4 hours or so.
Personally, I'm more a fan of NFT but I liked the EnF too.

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fivekulps(6/7LOU, KY)

Search youtube for A-frame hydroponic. We made our system based on that design, its been a challenge to regulate the flow but its working fantastically now! We also installed the dutch buckets for our tomatoes.

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