Nutrient Issues

hydromikevtMay 25, 2009

Hello all...I'm new to this Forum as well as hydroponics in general. I've been interested for the past couple years and finally started up my first aerospring Sunday... I'm having a couple issues though...I'm growing habaneros in Hydroton using General Hydroponics Flora series nutrient. I have hard water in my area with a ph of around 7 (using liquid test kit). After getting everything together and running with the ph adjusted to around 6 everything seemed great, the plants even perked up a bit! The next day i went to check the ph of the nutrient and noticed a white precipitate coating the entire inside of my res, pump, etc... Some research led me to the possibility of Potassium precipitate because i added ph down(Gen. hydro) undiluted to the resevoir. Thats where i am now...The plants still seem fine for now....Please help...I don't want to get off to a bad satart.

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Potassium precipitate is unlikely, because almost ALL potassium salts are soluble. It's probably calcium/magnesium (hardness).

When I get that, I filter the nutrient through a coffee filter. Then I lower the pH (I use 4% nitric acid), and then I pour the nutrient back into the reservoir.

This procedure takes out the excess calcium/magnesium in your nutrient.

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