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caliloo(z6/7)June 11, 2012

Streaky Blue seedling - looks like a little scape starting under that canopy of leaves. Would be cool if this one is fertile!

Orange Crush and Orange Marmalade

Bright Lights

Thansk for looking!


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Nice seedlings. How old is the streaky blue?


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Third year. It is slooooooooooow to mature, but worth it IMHO.


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bernd ny zone5

Wow, those streakers are beauties. Hmmm, 3 years, then I have to wait another 2 1/2 years with my little 1/2 year old streaker seedlings. They are growing very slooow, that's right, but yours survived 3 years. Did you plant these the first year or left them in pots over winter?

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I kept them in pots the first winter, then into the ground they went. The one on the left may be a Dorothy Benedict seedling - hence the very slow growth. The one on the right is a little faster, but a smaller hosta in general and not as impressive IMHO.

Thanks for looking!


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