Please save my new limelight

khanhnyJune 9, 2011

Hello. I recently planted this limelight. It was doing good for the first 2weeks. But the last two weeks I've notice the leaves and new wood branches are drying and brown.

It's a limelight, 1.5 foot tall. Tree shape. It gets full sun between 12 pm to 5 Pm. It's in a west backyard. But between a west garage and east house. So it does get hours of sun but not from sun rise to set

Gets water e every 2 days..I water at the roots and let it soak for a minute. We have short spring showers ever few days.

It's the lower southern part Of it that's dying. About 1/5 of the whole plant. It is spreading.

I don't know what to do

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Here's a link

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In many posts, people report having trouble with the lower leaves turning yellow and falling off. It has been attributed to transplant shock.

I would remove the grass further away from your shrub so there is no competition for water and then I would make sure that it gets water (1 gallon) per watering when the soil feels almost dry or dry. Water early in the mornings; start directly on top of the root ball (that is, water the soil, not the leaves) and water outwards from there. The rootball location -right now- is where all the roots are. Maintain 3-4 inches of mulch and use a finger test to make sure you do not have to water often and end up causing root rot.

Do keep an eye for wild wabbits if they are a problem where you live. They sometimes nibble on the lower branches. I had some of these -er- visitors a few years back but hmmm, now that I think about them, I have not seen much of them lately....

Your shrub looks very healthy though so just keep monitoring it!

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

You soak it with the hose for one minute every 2 days? That's not good watering if I'm reading that correctly. The best watering would be to take your hose, lay it down right at the roots and slowly let water dribble out for a good 20 minutes (I've done an hour with larger new plants/trees). Depending on your weather, this need only be repeated once or twice a week. If there's been good rain, no need for it unless the ground gets dry beneath the surface. I'm serious about the dribble. You don't want to flood it, but it probably would really appreciate a deep soaking.

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thank you for your help everyone. ive dug up mure grass and added alot more mulch. will start deep watering. i was afraid of over watering

thanks again

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