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Momof6(8a La.)June 2, 2009 hydrangeas have small blooms...what can I do to have large blooms...TYIA...Mary

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Hello, momof6. Hydrangeas that do that tend to be old specimens, at least 5 years old that have to be rejuvenated by pruning the stems (an inch or so off the base) in thirds during three consecutive years. On year one, you prune 1/3 of the stems consisting of the oldest/longest looking stems of the bunch. On year two, you prune the next 1/3 oldest and on year three you prune the remaining 1/3.

This month would be a good time to do it since hydrangeas begin forming flower buds sometime in July-ish in this part of the country.

While you are at it, check to make sure that you still have 3-4" of mulch, clean any plant debris from under the plant and fertilize (once in early May and again July are the recommended times for the South). Some of the hydrangea roots are shallow so be careful when stepping under the shrub's canopy.


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