First Hydroponic attempt: Pineapple PH?

MattyG515(5B)May 10, 2013

So this is my first attempt at hydroponics... I've been wanting to give it a go for quite some time and have done a fair bit of research. The bucket I have is a 6 gallon and I'm using a top fed dwc. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. I have the FoxFarms nutrients and plan on following the feeding schedule, mostly because I don't know how else to do it... My main question is, what PH does the pineapple prefer? Right now it's at 6.5.

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don't pineapples grow on trees (vs single season crops)? I'm sorry I can't be of much help. If it were me I'd target pH of 6.0 as pretty much every nutrient is available.
I hope it works for you. Please keep us posted.

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Pineapples DO NOT GROW ON TREES. They are a Clustering Ground Fruit and Member of the Bromeliaceae family. Before Refrigeration Florida had Pineapple Plantations that were normally only 5 acres. Each year the same Plants produced even more pineapples as they Matured. Pineapples require very limited fertilizer and stop ripping the Minute they are picked. Pineapples are said to have many health benefits.

Sorry I have never grown Pineapples so I can't answer the pH question. However pineapples were grown in calcareous sandy soil here in Florida before Hawaii started Growing Dole variety after the invention of Refrigeration.


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It is a nice setup youâÂÂve got there. Pineapple tends to grow within a pretty short period of time. Pineapples grow best when it's slightly acidic, so you'll want to keep the pH between 5-6. Try not to go over 6.

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I went to check the bottom of my pineapple today to see if it had rooted yet and the bottom was covered with a thick layer of white mold with patches of green mold. I scraped it off and sprayed it with 3% hydrogen peroxide mix, put it back in the bucket and turned the pump down so that it would get less water and more air. Is the pineapple shot? Or can it still be saved? I have a backup in a glass of water that is already rooting just incase this one dies :-)

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how did the pinapple work out for ya I have rooted in water but have only dabbled with hydroponics if you left any of the fruit attatched that is probably why it molded I made sure all the fruit was off and peeled the first three or four leaves off than put in water and it rooted within a few weeks

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I buried one of my pineapples in dirt and it rooted and new leaves have formed. I am not sure how long it took as i just forgot about it. I would say a few months......... I might have lost it this last cold spell but not sure. Some of the leaves look a little frost bitten.
A month ago i put another one in my NFT system. So here is a pic i just took. Only a few roots are trying to work themselves out of the pot. I have it at the very front of the system. PH 6.0 and PPM 1540 as of this morning.

Now will wait 18 months to see if it produces. LoL

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There is so much confusion about pineapples, I grow them in my garden in Brisbane Australia , by breaking of the crown, allowing it to semi dry for about a week and shallow planting as there is only so much stem available. Do not overwater as you will have trouble, and allow longer periods between giving (water) or nutrients. I grow these plants among my Bromilliades as they are a member of the same family, I also agree they do not grow up trees as some of the many species do, and after seeing this pineapple grow and create another little pineapple on top, it will take approximately 19months to fruit which is a commercial average from planting to fruit picking, but still fun to watch and grow.

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