White hydrangea w red pedicels id

hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)June 11, 2013

Two mystery plants in one day? It is a great day to be a horticulturist. i posted a mystery Quercus over on the Trees forum and the gardenwebbers are on it!

So i found this hydrangea I love. It is a little florists hydrangea macrophylla and the tag said Hydrangea macrophylla 'Glory' well there were 2 plants there tagged as glory and only one had the red pedicels. So I grabbed it. i did a bit of google searching and I am not sure if this is a named cultivar? It does not match the description on the soon to be patented 'Glory' , no red pedicels on that cv. Any hydrangea experts here know it?

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Looks to me like "black-stemmed" hydrangea 'Zebra'.

Marketed worldwide under the Black Steel series...

If not that actual breed, you may've just found a naturally occurring mutation.

Now, the reddish color does seem to occur up toward the tops of black stemmed hydrangeas. For example, my black-stemmed 'Zorro' lacecap's new stems have a reddish hue to them.

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hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)

could be... the older wood is very thin but very woody and brown on this particular plant so i will have to see when it grows out if it is black stemmed. i would be happy with black or red! I really liked the white flowers and floret shape and floret size on this one so yay for my grocery store hydrangea find!! :0) it is the first plant purchase for my new white garden.

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hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)

springwood gardens idk if you are still watching but the plant grew out with nice Black stems as you predicted. I think your ID was right on. So I believe this hydrangea to be hydrangea 'Zebra' as you suggested. THANKS

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