Using ultrasonic foggers!

denalilofts(5 AK)June 17, 2007

Any of you make any kind of a growing/cloning system using cheap "pet store" foggers?

Phil in Alaska

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No, haven't done that. I did have a setup going that used cheap sprayers for micro irrigation and it seemed to work really well for rooting cuttings. The sprayers will need regular cleaning since anything sucked through the pump will clog them up and eventually the salts and minerals in the nutrient will start to clog them too but the ones I got were easy to clean.

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denalilofts(5 AK)

The reason I ask is the good ultrasonic foggers form the hydro store are about $375. Granted they will supply plenty of fog for a big area but they are just a bit pricy. I ordered a small unit made to keep an amphibian tank humid for about $30 delivered to my house. I thought I would set it up in a 18 gallon Rubbermaid and see if it had enough "fog" to keep half a dozen plant locations happy. Time will tell.

Phil in Alaska

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The primary problem with foggers is that the salts in nutrient solution and water will bugger them up pretty soon and they will have to be replaced.......high maintenance.

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denalilofts(5 AK)


Thanks for the heads up. I'm thinking I just might try building a hydro setup like yours from the diagram.

Phil In Alaska

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I made an ultra sonic fogger cloning system about 6 months back and have got nothing but awesome rootings. i used a tupperware'ish' box about the size of a shoe box(6 or 8 qts) that i got at the dollar store, i cut 10 1.5" holes in the lid evenly spaced and then placed my single disc pond fogger ( about 25 bucks at future garden dot com, just buy the replacement fogger units) in about 3 inches of water ( i add kelp extract and pH balance the water). I dip my cuttings in rootone then cutt rapid rooters almost in half to sandwich the stem. most cuttings root in about 5 days ish, pretty great turn around. and as well i have had great success with hard wood and semi hard wood cuttings. right now i have 10 new highland blueberry cuttings in there. I had been told to always make it darm in the root zone, but i dont. I like to watch my root development so i can pull em to keep any roots from dangling in the water. I have only had beautiful bright white root systems and have not noticed a problem...maybe the fog blocks the light. The water gets warm and therefore is deprived of oxygen, but the fogger is rich in O2 and warm to promote root growth. Keep your root zone in the fog , Watch your dangling ( lol ) and just remember to wash the transducer disc with distilled water and vinegar (to reduce salt build up if using nutes or hard water). wish i could take a pic but my camera phone went in the best of luck

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denalilofts(5 AK)

Well I bought a small fogger like the one you talked about a couple weeks ago. Maybe I'll give it a try while I'm building Willards system.

Thanks, Phil in Alaska

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Ultrasonic foggers mainly consist of piezioelectric disks used to vibrate water in a hydroponic reservoir at ultra high frequencies. This process turns the water and nutrients into droplets 5-15 micron in size. This allows for better nutrient uptake, with the addition of exponentially high oxygen ratios over the already established efficiency of aeroponics. Often ultrasonic foggers are placed in floats and allowed to produce a thick cloud of fog around the base of the plants root structure suspended within the reservoir.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponics Information

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what about ordering some of the CeramiTef replacement transducers from the site and then retro-fitting them into an el-cheapo model you'd buy for entertainment value fogging?

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