Hydrangea identification

jeanerz13(6a)June 24, 2013

I had two hydrangeas replaced this year because they didn't survive the drought last year (or at least when I asked my landscaper about them early this year he said they were "toast"). Anyway, I went with him to the nursery and got two hydrangeas... they were both supposed to be Penny Mac (they weren't in bloom yet). One had the little tag saying "Penny Mac" but the other had no tag. The sales lady assured us that they wouldn't put a non-Penny Mac with the Penny Macs. Well, the leaves look completely different on them. I'm pretty sure the one that is doing well (and had no tag) is not a Penny Mac -- I'm thinking maybe Annabelle. I asked my landscaper about it awhile back and he was supposed to check on the return policy for me (never got back to me) and said for now to wait until it blooms. Well, it's blooming and it looks like a white or really pale green. The other hydrangea (which I believe really is a Penny Mac) is just puny... no leaves or anything came off of the old wood. Everything this year is new growth. It's probably about 10 inches tall, but the leaves look more like what I remember from the others. I'm really kind of upset about this whole debacle because I find the white hydrangeas boring. I really wanted pink/blue.

I'm posting pictures in hopes that someone can confirm or deny my suspicions. This picture is the one I think may be Annabelle. I will reply with another post with the one I believe really is Penny Mac to show the difference in the leaves. (I can't figure out how to upload 2 pictures in one post)

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Here is the other hydrangea -- the one that actually had a tag saying it was Penny Mac. See how the leaves are more textured and tighter to the stems / less floppy? I don't see how these two plants can be the same type at all.

By the way, it's almost July and nothing has come off of the old wood at all... should I just cut that down to the ground to get it out of the way of the new growth?

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Yep - first is an Annabelle-type, Hydrangea arborescens. The second is some sort of Hydrangea macrophylla - possibly Penny Mac but impossible to confirm without a flower.

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yes the first is Annabelle or Incredibal type and the second is just plain sad. Maybe in a year or two it may become something.

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I'm definitely pulling up the Annabelle to get it replaced with a Macrophylla (probably Penny Mac). Should I pull up the little Macrophylla and replace it with one that seems to be doing better? Or do you think I should keep it and see if it does any better next year?

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