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ogopogoMarch 6, 2006

I'm sure that there has been discussion on this, but I can't seem to find too much by searching.

I am starting to plan a small/mid sized (~600-1000 sq. ft) japanese garden and am needing a little help with what plants I should use.

For trees, I have decided on planting a Weeping Higan Cherry as well as a Acer Palmatum Fascination. I have room for a third one, and would like for it to have most of its appeal during Summer/Early fall.

For bushes, I have chosen a Korean Spice Viburnum, but nothing other than that.

I haven't found too much of concerning low-lying plants, flowers, or ground cover. I suppose I could use one of the many types of low-lying bamboo.

Lastly, I have Phyllostachys nuda that I intend to plant on two rows of terraces (about 1-1.5 ft wide by maybe 30-40 ft). Hopefully they will have enough growing room to survive the winters.

Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated!


- DF

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Last Fall I inquired about ground covers. See the below link for the many fine replies I received.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ground Covers

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bahamababe(z4 VT)

Why cherry? I recommend you ditch that idea and use evergreens instead.

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Thanks for the link Greg... I think I will be going with the Salix repens for a groundcover...

bahamababe, as for the cherry. I thoroughly enjoy a good sakura. The color of the weeping cherry trees when in full bloom are just beautiful to me. As for winter, snow collected on the weeping branches looks great as well.

Now I just need to figure out what I am going to do about the steep slope that is my back yard. Its on a ~45 degree angle for a good 25 feet or so. Would like to terrace it, but that is probably more work than I can accomplish right now.

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I agree with your choice of cherry. Beautiful in bud and leaf, and the stark elegance of the tree in winter, when snow graces the bare branches. My own weeping cherry sadly was lost to a very harsh winter a few years back. I'll be replacing it with another this fall, I hope, as I miss the grace and beauty of that tree.

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