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mrtoad(7b NC)February 10, 2009

began cleaning beds this afternoon - noticed a number of new - but very small - shoot coming from the rhizome - what is the (if one exists)relationship between the new growth and blooming -


mr toad


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

The new shoots are coming from a baby rhizome(s) produced by the old mother rhizome. The roots from the mother rhizome support the babies until they develop their own. The mother rhizome gradually dries up and the babies grow to produce their bloom stalks.

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eroctuse2(z5 SE Michigan)

Also, I've noticed a tendency for a certain type of fan formation to be the most likely to bloom. It's difficult to describe so I had to sketch a picture.

The most common formation of fans that go on to bloom for me is a central fan with 2 or more increases behind it. The central fan will produce the stalk and the others (increases) will develop into mature fans with their own increases by next year.

Of course, as with all things in Nature, this is not set in stone. This doesn't account for a myriad of different factors, like a late freeze or drought, but in my experience, this fan formation fairly reliably tells me which varieties I can expect to bloom.

That could be nothing like what you were asking about. If it's not helpful, I hope it's at least entertaining! :)


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