Japanese garden brooms

yamambaMarch 2, 2007


I'm a new member and I really miss those wonderful garden brooms that they have in Japan. Does anyone out there know how to make them?



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I'm also interested in making a broom to sweep moss and for general clean up in tight spots or around delicate plants. I saw one being used in a Japanese garden segment on TV. Can these be purchased? If not, what are they made of? I may experiment with bamboo trimmings if nothing else materializes.

Peace, alladrm

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yama(7b Ga)

short broom
black bamboo, moso bamboo yeloow grove bamboo makes good broom. moso is little bit stiffthan others. You have to have 4 to 5 years old bamboo branch. If bamboo is too young, it won't work well.

long handle bamboo broom
Itis same as short broom. you have to have 4 to 5 years old bamboo's branchs and about 4 feet long about 1 1/2 diameter bamboo.

sorry I can't explain how to make it in text only. I make for my self own use but not making for sale.
I have tought how to make bamboo broom at my Japanese garden class years ago. small broom you can find brush for masonary use or auto parts store for general cleanup.

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Go to www.buildingforhealth.com

Look under "gardening"

These brooms sell for $22.


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