most fragrant Prunus mume

greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)March 7, 2005

I only have room for one and don't want to compromise fragrance for big gaudy blossoms (as much as I like them). Oddly enough, I prefer single roses - I know, it doesn't compute.

Any suggestions? Do they differ in fragrance or only strength of fragrance? Thanks.

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Try a seedling. Cheaper anyway.

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

Hi Ron,

Since I first posted the question I found the L.E.Cooke Nursery website (they have several cultivars of P.mume). What I noticed is of the two fruiting ones, one has a higher chill:

Shiro-Kaga, single white flowers, spicy fragrance...400 hrs.

Fruiting Japanese(ume) double pink, ...700 hrs.

They also have flyers on the ornamental P.mumes among them Bonita is stated to require 100 - 150 chill hours to bloom properly. The other cvs don't specify chill requirements.

100-150's a sure thing in my climate, 400 is iffy, 700 - no way.

I was considering WB Clarke (weeping) or Matsubara Red but now I'm not sure whether they would be ok with the low chill here. (I won't get ANY fragrance if I can't get them to bloom first!)

I may just put two in a hole, Bonita and Shiro-Kaga and possibly WB Clarke in a tub as an experiment.

Thanks for your input.

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