hydroponic orchids

Mystyraine(8 OR)June 30, 2004

Anyone know where I can find information about growing orchids hydroponically under high intensity lights (1000 watt sodium)? Anyone here have any experience with this?

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rosco(New Zealand)

Not sure why you really want to do this as Orchid's only have a short ( maybe 5week flowering cycle .
The only Orchids I have in my systems are Dendrobiums but as soon as you take them out the fizzle out.
I spoke with a commercial grower recently and he has 4,000 plant's which he keep's on a steady drips for 4 month's then sell's as they flower.
Unless you are doing it commercially it's probably not
worth the effort.
Don't get me wrong. !!!!!!!!
I grow them but just 4 myself.
Kind regards.

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Mystyraine(8 OR)

I'm looking at orchids because they appear to be well suited to hydro and HID lights. The biggest stumbling block seems to be how long it takes to get a crop, be it cut blooms or small plants. I used to be a florist so my inclination has been toward blooms for weddings. But perhaps, since I'm having a hard time choosing which plants I want most, I should concentrate on plants for propagation.

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You might find what you are looking for at Geoff Hands website at http://www.users.waitrose.com/~orchids/ He grows many of his Orchids in Hydro and Semi-hydro. In any case it's well worth a look.
Good Luck,

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