It struck me today.....

kalija(6 WNY)June 7, 2014

how beautiful Guacamole is! I bought this plant on a whim last year and couldn't find a spot I wanted to plant it. I decided to experiment and stuck it in my front south facing rose garden. He is planted in between a couple of rose bushes that do provide some shade but he is in direct sun for a good part of the day. I was taking pics off my camera this morning when I realized how nice he looks right now....

I don't know how he will look in August but we shall see. He gets a nice drink of fish tank water every week out there and has grown really fast!


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Thistle and Maize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

It does look nice. I planted one this summer and have been iffy on it. Maybe it's just in an awkward teenage phase and will mature nicely like yours.

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bragu_DSM 5

man, that looks better than ANY of don's ... heh heh

I think he's off this weekend . . .

make sure it gets plenty of water ... I just came in from the rain ... I emptied my water barrel by watering plants ... it should fill up again in about 20 minutes ...

"It's wet out there," my DW said.

"I know, it's raining," I replied.

We might talk again tomorrow ...


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Mine looks better this year than the last few years, but still not as pretty as yours. Very nice!

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Lovely Guacamole. Holy cow, it's that size after one year? I must get me some of your fish water for my plants.

I cut some tree branches for my Guac because I wasn't seeng enough variegation. Here it is . It gets some midday sun and lots of water as bragu suggests.

Hope to see a pic of your Guac here in August. It really does look good between your rose bushes and will be even more spectacular when the bushes are in bloom.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Gotta love Guacamole! It is one of my favorites. Yours is beautiful and seems to be growing like a weed! Here's a pic of mine. I like it so much it gets center stage on my front porch.

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kalija(6 WNY)

Thank you all for the nice comments. Funn - I love how yours looks in a pot!
Irawon, it was a good size when I got it - one of the reasons I bought it even though it wasn't really on my wish list. I am really impressed with it now though. My roses are a bit behind this year, I think it will look great when i have some blooms!

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Kalija, just wait until August when it will bloom. OH MY GOODNESS. Guacamole has sported so many great hosta too. All fragrant of course. I love how mature your plant is already. Keep shooting the fish juice to it.

I cannot wait to see what DonB says when he sees it. :) He LOVES Guac.

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That is a beautiful Guacamole, Karen! Yes, Dave, Karen's DOES look MUCH better than my plantings, especially since all but a single plant were SMASHED into mush by hail 3 or 4 days ago. Looked like deer got a hold of my guacs, and had a big lunch. Just stalks sticking up. Looking pretty bad right now. Not nearly as horrible as a clump of 'Praying Hands', but still, they look so awfully demolished.

In fact, there are many gorgeous pics on this thread. Nice work, gardeners!

Don B.

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Awww, Don I am very sorry that the hail caught you after the bad weather is almost over. Don't yours put out a second flush about now?.

I have one taken tonight in my tablet of Avocado. Would you believe the boy has 3 scapes? What is going ON with the fragrant family? I don't remember the scapes having leaves on it last year but will check back to see. If it is fasciated scapes Avocado will be the 4th fragrant so endowed. It looks sort of fasciated to me.

This is my DH's favorite hosta from last year. Avocado

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Sorry to hear about the hail, Don. Hopefully your plants will send up new foliage and scapes, so that you still get the fragrance. What a shame so early in the hosta season. I hope not all of your hostas were affected.

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kalija(6 WNY)

Don, I am sorry to hear about your hail damage. What weird weather we are all having this year. I hope they have a second flush and recover for you.

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Thanks, and good news is all the leaves smashed were first-flush. Not quite time for second-flush here yet. Even better news was the hail only hit the far north side of my property. Only the hostas on side of the house got hit with hail, which are mostly the mass-planted Guacamole. Only heavy rain hit the rest of the property. Weird, but very thankful Mother Nature spared the rest. : )

Mother Nature, you're such a jokester : I

Wow, Mocc! The fragrants are sending up scapes there already? That's crazy. Your Avocado looks great, though.

Don B.

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Yes, already scaping. Another one showing a fasciated scape is Fried Green Tomatos.

Here is Fried Bananas with white showing on its fasciated scape. I'm not sure how to deal with all this. There goes my hope for fertile seedpods on these fragrant hosta.

I don't think Guacamole itself is scaping yet. I now have several of them from different sources. You can never have too much of a good thing.

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My Guac is huge, but in direct sun so it burns quickly every year :( Maybe I will shade it a bit one of these years. I am too worried about other hostas at the moment.

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