Cheap price on a pH meter

grizzmanJune 12, 2008

I happened upon this in my search for a new water pump today.

It's an $18 pH meter, though you'll need a bit of calibration solution too.

I've bought from this company before and was not disappointed.

Also, they have a good price on the intermatic 14 on/off daily timer. only $21.35. best price I've found yet.

hope this helps someone.

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$9 pH EC TDS meter +0.2 accuracy ph. I didn't believe it so I bought it, waiting on shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: horticulture

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Nice finds. I'm not sure I'd want to save $9 to get a meter with a 0.2 sensitivity rather than 0.1, but I'm definitely interested in seeing how both these turn out.

Keep us updated about how the orders work out!

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I'm still using the pH meter I bought from aquaticeco for $18 about 5 years ago. I just happened upon it and thought others might be interested.
I do have 3 pumps coming from them currently though.

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Well in that case I think I may go ahead and get one. Just a couple questions:

1. How often does it seem to need calibrated?
2. Does it come with a temperature conversion chart?

I noticed that it's listed as being accurate at 20C, which means that if you're measuring pH of water above or below that temperature you need to account for the temperature difference. I've got a chart in my hydroponics Bible ("Hydroponic Food Production") but I'd rather not lug that tome around every time I want to take a pH reading.

'Course I could always just photocopy that page of the book I suppose...

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I calibrate my pH meter everytime I use it. Of course, until a couple of weeks have passed, I only check it every several days when I add either water or nutrient. after that, the plants really start eating up the water and you have to add juice almost daily.
That being said, when I do adjust it, it's almost never more and 0.1 off of accurate, so it may not need calibrating that much.
I don't know too much about temperature conversion m'self. I assume that since my calibration solution is at the same (approximately) temperature as my nutrient when I calibrate it, the temperature is accounted for.
If you know the general temperatures you're growing in just memorize the ones +/- 5 or 10 degrees around it and pretty soon you can compensate for it in your head.

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