Japnese Maple: Crimson Queen or Tayukeyama for this spot?

staceyneilApril 9, 2010

Hi there,

I was hoping you might be able to help me. I am trying to decide between two dissectum maples and I am coming across conflicting information. Can anyone advise?

I am choosing between Crimson Queen and Tamukeyama. Both plants have high grafts, the Tamukeyama a bit higher. My concern is that I want to keep the plant fairly low, like 4-6'. It is for a foundation grouping in a space about 8' x 10' with a window at 5' that I don't want to block too much. I'm mainly concerned about the growth in the next 5 years, not 15 years from now (I know- selfish... but if I stay here I know I can prune it!). The plants are #7 gallon pots.

I have read conflicting information about growth habits, size, and growth rates between these two cultivars.

I like the color of the Tamukeyama better, and plants itself looks a bit older, but if there's a good reason to choose Crimson Queen, it's a very close second :) I'd prefer a more irregular weeping habit to a dense mound...

(The planting location is sheltered, with east exposure and shade in the afternoon. Zone 5)

Thanks so much

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Our Tamukeyama is about 25 years old and is about 5-1/2 feet tall (but wider). The Crimson Queens seem similar in their rates of growth but are not as old so I can't say for sure. Soil and rainfall could make a difference.


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Thanks!! I decided on the Tamukeyama. :)

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I had the same exact problem with differences in descriptions. I own 2 (3 ft or so) Tamukeyamas. I purchased them last Fall (at a steal of an end-of-season price) and the color last Fall was to die for (Scarlet)..This year, the color is beautiful so far (crimson/plum). My trees (don't know why they are called trees) are kind of on the wispy side, I only hope the branches fill in more...either way, it's such a graceful plant! beautiful weeping habit

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