Japanese Sky pencil holly?

jhermizApril 27, 2011

Last fall (Im in michigan) I planted 14 sky pencil holly, very nice plants they look like boxwoods but are thin pencils that seem to get up about 8-10 ft.

All was well going into the winter and even up till February. We've had a real real bad winter in michigan and it is near May now and these plants (all 14 of them) look offly dead. They are all yellow / golden brown. The leaves do NOT fall, however hte color is really yellow. Not a single piece of green in all 14 plants. Are these guys dead or should I be patient and wait to see if they turn green again?

I called a local nursery here and the lady said wait 3-5 weeks because we still have had some cold weather (50s in late april!!!).

Thoughts suggestions etc?

PS: These were planted with a good layer of good soil with some peat moss, wood chip clippings but mainly good soil.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Probably something haywire with the planting soil, like extreme pH or nutrient situation. Likely would have done better planted into the existing soil, without modification (other than loosening) or replacement of existing soil.

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Where are you in MI? I've tried those a couple of times in protected spots in Chicago to no avail.

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