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Peter_and_Malin(Sweden zone 1)April 4, 2006


Now its finally starting to get spring here in sweden, so I decided to pick up on a project I left of on, namely to build some kind of roof over my wood deck on the back of the house.

My house is modern style, so I need something that will not look too much out of place but rather give a nice touch to both the house and to my garden in full.

What kind of style on the deck roof do you thing I should choose? Anyone know any pictures of "japanese" style deck roofs? Between my house and garage I have a sukiya-mon style gate... Perhaps something that will go with that.

I will post a pic of the view as soon as I can!

kind regards


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Peter_and_Malin(Sweden zone 1)

Oh yes, I forgot... when I have settled on the frame style, I really wanted to add bamboo as roof cover because of the nice shade... But is there ANY way to combine bamboo as roofcover and at the same time get a waterproof cover? Because I want about 25 % of sun to slip through (which is about right for bamboo roof cover), but in the meantime I want it waterproof. Perhaps a no-win scenario?


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joefromsd(San Diego)

Peter, I use bamboo as a roof covering quite often, like in the enclosed picture. I order it in 6' tall x 14' long rolls. I build a gridwork for it to lay on, then just roll the roll out, and secure it in a few places with deck screws. Pretty nice because you can roll the bamboo up and take it down in the Fall when you want sun!

I've also put up corrugated greenhouse type panels on the gridwork first, then put the bamboo over it, to make it waterproof like you want. Sorry, no pics of that handy.

I order the bamboo from Franks Cane, in Long Beach, Calif., but that probably too far for you to have shipped! Maybe you could find it locally?

I suspect that in Sweeden you'd need a fairly steep roof to deal with the snow?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Peter_and_Malin(Sweden zone 1)


I have studied the awesome pics from woodsshop, and I think I have found one good design that I liked. I will try and make something like that...

However, about the waterproof roof, arent rooftiles made of glass rather expensive? I suspect my roof will be about 15-20 m2

Yes it should deal with about 1-2 dm of snow... no problems there.

Besides the woodsshop page, i dont suppose you have any pics that show western style houses that has such deck roofs attached?

As soon as I have time I will start to sketch on a design... I will also post a picture of our house.. I think you ahve seen it here on the forums before, red knotches.. and green/grey walls.

kind regards

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joefromsd(San Diego)

Sshhh Peter, we're not supposed to mention our websites here.

I wasn't talking about glass for the roof but some type of translucent corrugated roofing panels, like these ones.

You'd run these on a slight slope (not sure about snow country though) then run the bamboo over the top of them at a right angle.

Sorry, I've done it in the past but don't have any digital pics handy that I could post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corrugated

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Peter_and_Malin(Sweden zone 1)

I had no clue about that rule... And Im sorry but I didnt know it was you who had the website. Will read the rules better!!! Really cool stuff there!! But it is very expensive though.... 10000 USD for a sukiya mon gate,, :( Excellent craftsmansship though :)
Well, about the corrugated plastic, that is very common in Sweden, and I think it looks like crap without something to cover it, like bamboo. And when it gets all green from moss and algae it is even more crappy :) During winter and autumm in sweden it is very moisty and then algae thrives (aspecially those species that like air pollutions...)
It is an interesting idea though to cover them with bamboo, then I think it will look better.
I will post some pics of the house and deck soon!

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joefromsd(San Diego)

Oh yea, that bamboo (and other outdoor surfaces) gets alot of mildew on it even here in San Diego, where it hardly Ever even Rains!

You need to clean it with a bleach/water/dish soap solution whenever the moss and mildew gets too noticable, in your climate, maybe twice a year.

Do post some pics here when it's all finished, like you did with your gate!

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