Wow, sticker shock at H. p. 'Phantom'

denninmi(8a)July 21, 2012

After finding out about this variety, I decided I would like to have one. So, I found it at the local chain garden center -- $189 for a 5 gallon standard.

That's nuts! They are pricey, but even by their standards that is pretty outrageous.

Think it will show up at the mass merchandisers like HD or Lowes this summer? I keep watching, but not yet.

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OUCH! They are really proud of their plant, aren't they?

As far as Lowe's is concerned, it is kind of late to receive new shipments of hydrangeas; they usually stop as temps start heading north. I suspect the current plants are going to be "it" for this year (at Lowes) because they do not keep a supply year around.

If you can stand mail order, advertises is for $22 1-gallon and has it for $12, probably in a 3.5" to 4" pot. Small sizes (Luis

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

A lot of HD's now have these in #7 TREE form for $40. Not all stores have significant quantities or know how to take care of them, though.

Here is mine just starting to bloom; I can't wait for the massive flower heads to develop!

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Both my local Lowes and Home Depot has them for $40. I bought 2 and then laughed because my regular nursery has them for $180. Also our local Agway has many beautiful ones for $109 which is a bargain compared to the nursery. It's a shame bc the ones at the big box stores will be dead soon. Noone takes care of them properly. The plants were grown in CT which is where I am so that's a plus for the ones I did buy.
I absolutely love mine. People stop me in my yard to ask what they are. They are GORGEOUS!
Good luck!

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Springwood, Your plant looks slightly different than mine. Mine has the big blooms but even the flower buds before they open are HUGE. They don't seem to start small and then get bigger. For mine the buds that are waiting to open are already rather large. I'll post a pic tomorrow when the sun comes up if it helps. I hope your's wasn't mislabeled. Sadly, it happens often :( The other day I saw a bunch labeled as Limelights but they were clearly Phantom.

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Here's the only photo I have stored in my phone for now.

It's hard to see in this particular photo but the buds waiting to open are as long as the flower in front of my hand. They go really far down the stems.

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Eh, maybe it isn't Phantom after all. As to what then, I have no idea?! I already have a traditional Grandiflora tree and it's not behaving anything like this (the buds, stems and leaves aren't nearly as large as the new tree). All I know is that paniculatas with the thickest stems get the largest blooms, and yours has very thick stems!

As many as I have and have seen, I won't jump to any conclusions now; will just have to wait to see how the blooms fill out!

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I should add that I am a complete newbie and I could be WAY OFF on this one :) I am a little paranoid about mislabeled plants though bc I have bought so many myself! Regardless, your tree and flowers look beautiful :)

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