Japanese Maple leaf wilt

ptcontiApril 19, 2008

Please help! Yesterday, I purchased a Japanese Maple(Acer palmatum) at a local nursery and tranported it to my home on an open trailer. Fearful of wind damage to the tree, I wraped it in a plastic garbage bag during the half hour trip to my house and when I arrived I was dismayed that many of the newer leaves on the tree had wilted. Most of the more mature leaves seem fine. I immediately watered the tree. It it now 24 hours later and they have not recovered. Should I wait a bit longer or should I trim off the wilted leaves? Is it better to let the tree rest a couple of days before I plant it? Any helpful advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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I will start by saying that I am not an expert, But I have grown a lot of Japanese Maples. It sounds like the tree got to hot inside the plastic bag. I would go ahead and plant and water it. leave the leaves alone and see what it does. I do not think it matters if you cut the leaves off or not. The tree should recover.

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