Soft black air line?

KeroseneJune 23, 2012

I'm trying to find some SOFT BLACK air line to use in my air lift system (as the the drip line), I'm currently using standard black irrigation poly hose, and it's way too agricultural to work with.

Does anyone know if the "black silicone air line" available on eBay (from multiple sellers in China) is actually as soft as regular clear air line?

Alternatively, how risky is it to use clear air line as my drip line? I'm guessing that there will be the odd water drop that gets stuck/suspended in the line (and exposed to light) between feeds.

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What is it about the black drip line you don't like? I switch to it as air line and like it way better than the clear stuff.
I'm nut sure you'll find a black vinyl line (I believe that is what the material is) but you could paint it black or wrap in with electrical tape.

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This was not a complicated search.

You will have to learn to do some work yourself in hydroponics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponic Hose

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Well that was might sweet of you Willard. I quit doing google searches for others a long time ago.
Was it 1/2" he was looking for? I thought he was after the 1/4" stuff that attaches to air pumps.

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