Experience with NSR Green Leaves Nutrient Solution

mhargravesJune 29, 2008

I have been growing some indoor hydroponic plants with bubble method. I have been using the NSR Greenleaves product, and have had decent luck with thier grow, but larger issues with their bloom.

Anyone tried this product, like it, hate it, etc?

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I haven't used it, but I might be able to help if you explain what's not working right for you.

Personally, I'd just recommend upgrading your nutrients to something higher quality. Sensi Grow/Bloom works flawlessly for me.

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I switched to General Hydroponics Nova Grow and Bloom. Huge difference in many aspects. First I no longer have the huge PH swing from 6.3 to 5.8 every 12 hours on my tomatoe plants. Second, the plants are much happier. I no longer have dimples in the leaves, and upward curling on the outside edge of my pepper plant leaves.

The new stuff is more expensive, but worth it.

If anyone else has tried the NSR Green Leaves product, please post your comments about it here.

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Yeah, that's the main difference between the cheap stuff and the good stuff.

The buffering agents used in the better fertilizers help maintain the pH of the solution. Plus the really good stuff will have more of the different types of chelates, which seriously boost the effectiveness of the nutrients.

None of that contributes to the NPK or other percentages you can read on the back, but it makes a world of difference.

Browse through the product listing of a premium hydroponic nutrient company like Advanced Nutrients sometime if you want to get an idea of just how much cool stuff can go into a product beyond just the stuff that feeds the plant. It may not all be absolutely necessary, but it can radically boost the way it works.

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i've been using nsr greenleaves for 20 years and know it's the absolute best.excellent growth and yields,very little salt build up. i have 4 forty gal tanks and recently did a comparitive study with general hydro's flora series, flora nova series,nsr greenleaves and dutch master advance.i use all the same additives with each. phosphoload to stop upward growth, kool bloom liquid and advanced nutrients sweet leaf at the start of flowering.both are great. kool bloom forces up resin production and the sweet leaf gives it a fantastic smell and taste. any hoo in the end the nsr proved best in all regards. the worst results were from the flora nova series organic crap. made a mess, cloged my emitters, and it looks like liquified crap. nsr is actually classified as a food grade fertilizer. second was
dutch master, still, its's pricey. as for ph drift. it's true, i do experience more ph fluctuation with the nsr greenleaves the first 24 hrs after changing the solution
i don't care, i have a nutridip trimeter which make's it easier and more accurate to keep it right on 5.8. jamie

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