Japanese Maple- Frost

judesterApril 19, 2007

The weather here in Memphis was in the 80s and my Japanese Maple had beautiful new growth. Suddenly, without notice we had a freeze in the evening. Is there any hope for my georgeous tree! Should I just leave it alone even though it seems the new growth has completely died or should I prune this part back. Please help!

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The consensus in Georgia is to wait a couple of weeks and then prune what you know is dead. We got hit hard a week or two ago.
My experience with Japanese maples is that they frequently have small dead branches that turn almost white and can be pruned.
I would let nature take its course and wait a while. Its happened before and will happen again-the trees survive.

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buford(7 NE GA)

My two have rebounded nicely. One, a waterfall, lost all of it's leaves and I had to cut back some branch tips, but it's newly leafed out now.

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