Gynura nodes sprouting leaves

jtimc7June 6, 2011


I am attempting to clone some gynura procumbens.

I have been using a large jar with some rocks in the bottom and with a fish tank pump puffing air through an air stone into the water.

I have the cutting sitting in the hole of an inverted clay pot. I thought this would be good as it would keep the stem in a darker area and the top leaves in the light coming in through the window.

After 6 days my 5 inch cutting has been sprouting tiny leaves at the nodes instead of root material.

The water temperature has been at about 84 degrees. And the temp in my kitchen is at about 88 degrees these days.

The filtered water pH is at about 7.

Any ideas?

I'm puzzled because the fellow I bought these from says these should root easily when simply placed in a red Solo cup with tap water in it.


Kind rgds,


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