Strawberry runners

brookstoneJune 1, 2004

I am attempting to grow strawberries in a General Hydroponics AeroFlo36 system. I purchased virus free runners in March, and washed the root system thoroughly under running water before planting the runners in clay pellets in 3" net pots in the AeroFlo system. About half the runners had already flowered when I planted them, and the plants appeared stressed out initially. About 95% of the plants placed in the AeroFlo system survived. A few wilted and died early. Nearly all of the plantings lost their blooms due to the stress. Now, however, the plants are looking healthy, and new shoots and runners are appearing, with 2-3" wide leaves.

In any case, I do understand that when planted in soil strawberry runners will take root and become new daughter plants. However, I don't know what to do with the runners in this case... That is, what does one do with runners that shoot off from the mother plant in a hydro system? There obviously is no soil for the runner to take root in with the AeroFlo36, so I don't know how to make use of the runners to generate new plants.

Do you have any tips/information on what to do with the runners in an AeroFlo system, or any information about strawberries in particular in hydro/aeroponic systems?

Thank you in advance.

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tailwheel(z9 CALIF)

What does Aeroflo do about runners? I know some people cut them off, while others leave empty cups betweem plants to accomodate the runner. Seems to me that strawberry growers favor NFT systems cuz its's easier to keep the crowns dry.

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Rocky Grewal

cut them off if you dont need the extra plants. Its a waste of energy if you're not going to use the runners

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>> cut them off if you dont need the extra plants

The current 2 dozen plants have already passed the flowering stage, and combined they produced enough strawberries to fill a tablespoon. These plants aren't going to product any more strawberries from what I understand of strawberry plants. So I'm stuck with un-fruitful plants with runners. I thought that the runners were my quickest route to producing new fruit, therefore my reluctance to cut them and throw them away.

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

There are different kinds of strawberries.

If you bought everbearing runners, you could get more berries this season. If you bought June bearing, then you're right, fruiting is over.

I would root the runners and try for a fresh batch. Why not?

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>> I would root the runners

I'm still trying to figure out how this is done with an AeroFlo system. I understand the end goal, but don't know how to get there.

Does one cut off the runner and stick it in a rockwool cube? Does one leave the runner attached to the parent plant but anchor the runner overtop a web rockwool cube? Etc...

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I know your question is about runners but you can propagate strawberries from seed. I ferment my strawberries, bury them & now I have many plants. I sowed them in soil & straight peat (using nutrient) & the peat based ones are growing very fast. They take time to germinate but it is a cheap way to experiment.

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

You can indeed propogate strawberries from seed.

Unfortunately your average strawberry is a hybrid, and the seeds won't breed true.

You might get one of the two parent varieties, which will be much smaller.

Or you might get something new and wonderful.

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Well I am using a verticle garden for strawberries this year trying it out. I planted everbearing day neutral and am getting fruit here in Sept. I was cutting the runners off how ever some runners bear fruit. I am trying to root some in a medium such as promix and maybe I will try the Oasis cube. What the heck do we have to loose ?

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Well,I am going multiply my strawberry plants by cutting off the runners.My plan is to cut 50-100 cuttings off the each plant.But I'm not sure what kind of stimulators should I use to get maximum runners grow?

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I have a hydroponic system and am growing strawberries. I cut the runners and plant them in a humidity dome using just peat and perlite as the soil mixture. I have almost 100 percent success rate. In south Florida, you could just plant these runners outside in the dirt, but when summer hits, it is too darned hot for any propagation to take place. Thus the humidity domes. You could also place them in large freezer bags with the same soil mix, but place them in the shade.

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