New To Hydro Need Help With Setup

john216(5)June 9, 2014

Hello All Well I Made Switch To Hydroponics' My System is
DWC � Flood & Drain - 2 Bucket Setup With Reservoir
Water Pump To Run 3x�s A Day For (30min)
Well Im Starting Small,, Thing This Im Like Totally Confused on lighting...I Want To Grow A Bell Pepper Plant And Banana Pepper plant Indoors Only.. I Have 2 85watt CFL = 400watt - 5000K Natural Daylight And To Let You Know My Growing Area Is 4ft x 2ft.. I picked Plants Because They Only Grow 24in To 30in tall .. Can Someone Help Me?

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what exactly are you needing help with...

btw is the white your overflow drain pipe? if so how high up is it inside?

Although I am new myself, It seems like you have it all figured out, and ready to start planting... depending on substrate, you might need more fills in a day, but that you will have to figure out for the most part.

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Ok Maybe I Didn't Ask Right ... For Most Part I Have Setup Right....Only Thing That's Confused me is the lighting part.. I am trying to figure out what I would need for that 2x4 area watts & Lumens Wise That Will Grow My Banana Pepper plant & Bell Pepper in that area I see everyone raving about HID & HPS but honestly their to expensive for my budget and fragile - CFL / HO is more in my budget but I don't have clue az to a setup id need to buy

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This would suit your needs perfectly:

Here is a link that might be useful: 4' T5 Grow Light

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A T5 wont have the penetration for 24"- 30" tall plants. Peppers need a bare minimum of 11-13,000 lux for reasonable growth.

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The first step is to know what you want to grow and what quality of plants you can get at the best. Another important thing is to decide on how many pants you want to grow. Once you are aware of all this, you will need to estimate the size of space required for the hydroponic system. You can, for example, grow any vegetable in a 6-meter square area.

Get a burly plastic container and prepare a solution of quality fertilizers and plain water. Keep the strength between 20 to 24 CF and the pH level from 5.5 to 6.5. The rest will depend upon varying plant requirements in different stages.

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The hydro setup looks fine. I would use 2x 150w ceramic metal halides (cmh) over a 4ft x 2ft area.

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