Hardy Hydrangea???

ditasJuly 10, 2009

Good Morning - Anyone, know anything about this beautiful mopheads of deep, pinks, blues & violets ... fusion of those colors too! (as magnifiscent as the silks at Michael's! - LOL)? HD has them ... gzillions ... greeting (weak kneed) us, as we came in. Late in the day as it was, no available, Knowledgeable person around. No breeder, zone hardiness, care etc on the sticker ... young clerk thought that they are the 'magical' instant, patio woweefier that are cheaper than floral arrangements to grace parties outdoors & impress!

Would it be worth overwintering in the garage to see what it does in '10? I've given up on pretentious divas, but sepals were nearly 50cent size, overlapping, in huge blossoms on fairly sturdy canes!



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So that is where the hydrangeas went to... I stopped by a HD an counted a total of one ES Hydrangea about a week and half ago or two. And it was not a happy looking camper. Wilted due to the summer weather. But just one.

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Well Luis - you're welcome to dig up my 2 ES - granting we did go thru a record-killing-winter this '08-9 & none of the marginally tender bloomers' old canes survived ... yet, all 9 managed to surprise me with more blossoms than last season! ESs did survive, greened up & produced a total of 8 blossoms between them! One did give 5 impressively larger ones, but geez the same bush had 30+ last season!!!

So ... what do you know about these beautiful looking Hardy Hadrangeas, HD is flaunting & teasing us with, strategically sitting on those platforms, on both sides of the Garden Center entry ?!!!

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We have the same "Hardy Hydrangeas' (Grown in Canada, heh!) in our local HD.
Just by looking at them one should have no doubts they are truly HARDY hydrangeas...for z8 florists :-))
I recognised in a mix several Teller plants and couple of Ayeshas. That was enough not to look any further.
C'mon, MD. "Fool me once..."
You know what I mean :-)

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I had the gut feeling they were too good to be HARDY for us! At least the young clerk was honest ... cheap enough to impress guests at patio parties! So I went home with just what I went there for ... stakes for my still, impressive Blushing Bride!!!

G'nite George!

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