Willow placement

MrNorth4(Sweden ZOne 1)May 26, 2005


At my pond I have an arrangement of some azalea, pieris and now I finally bought a tree... it was a japanese willow.

As u know the tree has a lovely crown but the stem is kinda boring... naked. So I was thinking, is it a good idea to cover the area below the willow with some grass, fern or perhaps stone? Because as it is now, its simply not nice to look at.

Whenever I want to "hide" something or make it look interesting I usually use ferns... but this willow has full sun most of the day....:( Ferns dont like that...

What do ya think?


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I use "Blue rug juniper" for a low ground over that carpets the area. There are several rug type junipers with heights from about 3" to 12".

How about "Japanese blood grass". Great looking in summer if it can handle your winters - zones 5/6 over here.

Maybe some of the horizontal yews would work and you can shape them.

All of them should compete well with the willow.

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