irises cut accidentally

cocoloo(CA z15)March 12, 2010

I planted purple irises from Costco in approx October- November to surprise my husband-his fave flower. They were coming up nicely. Today he lawn mowered them down thinking they were weeds, he did not tell me he was doing yard work today! There is about 4 inches of leaves left sticking out of ground. Is there any hope for them this year, or ever? I planted so many and am really sad! Thanks!

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cocoloo(CA z15)

Just realized I'm zone 14-15, 24 is my old zone, if it makes a difference.

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Bearded irises are tough;
although they won't bloom this year, they should be fine.

(Put a scarecrow amongst them, or put a tomato cage around them, or, as my sister-in-law did, put survey flags near them.)

& ground the reckless driver of that lawn mower!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

CostCo has never sold bearded iris (here).

They do sell a bag of Dutch iris bulbs. They send up foliage and bloom stem in the spring. IF the bloom stem wasn't up yet there is a chance just the ends of the leaves were cut off. Allow the growth to continue with or without bloom, and allow it to ripen (turn yellow) for next year's flowers.

I don't remember if iris reticulatas (the short ones) were offered. Did you save the bag?

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cocoloo(CA z15)

Thanks everyone! The reckless driver has had his keys confiscated! Not sure if they are bearded or not, they came in a bag from costco with 2 other types of bulbs, crocus and daffodil. Well I'll hope for the best, and let you guys know if they bloom.

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Bearded Iris "bulbs" look vaguely like ginger roots with straggly roots on the bottom, and a fan of half-withered broad leaves on the end. They are hardly ever found in a bag with other bulbs. Dutch Iris bulbs look like scrawny onions with extra-thick skins. When the leaves come up they are very narrow and grass-like, unlike the broad, sword-shaped leaves of bearded Iris.

Both kinds will probably rise again in 2011, but probably won't bloom this year.

Kevin : )

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

Last year I planted a ton of dutch irises. When the leaves came up in the winter time, the rabbits ate all of them down to the ground and they (the irises [the rabbits are still here]) never came back! So, it probably depends how close to the ground the leaves were cut....

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Bulb irises need the leaves to store energy to form flowers for the next year. Tall German bearded iris can be cut back in the fall to neaten up the area and to prevent the dead leaves from standing on the rhizome and causing rot and insect problems. The leaves are sword shaped and the large leaves can be cut back but not the small 1-2 inches tall; these will develop into next year's leaves. The rhizome or thickened root should always be exposed with at least 1/3 showing on top of the soil. "so the sun shines on it's back" otherwise the plant will grow but you will get no flower production. If they are the type of iris you see in a florist's bunch they are dutch bulb iris.

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