Purple Ghost (full sun?) and Palmatum questions

growitnowMay 7, 2013

Hi folks, I cross posted this in the maple forum but thought there would be some Japanese maple experts here so I hope you can help.

One specific question, one more general.
Can Purple Ghost handle full sun? There is a nice example at local nursery I am considering for my front yard. Zone 7 Virginia, hot summers, full sun.

Second more general question, I would be very grateful for insight. I have been trying to choose red palmatum cultivar of japanese maple for front yard. I've ranked them as

Emperor I (or Red Emperor)
Purple Ghost?

I know Fireglow is supposed to be smaller than the rest and I infer the remainder about all the same in terms of size and habit. But my question is in terms of general desirable features of red (purple) leaf maple, does my 'ranking' look about right? Am I missing any standouts.

I guess basically I'm looking for alternatives to bloodgood, and wondering whether those alternatives are better or not. Sorry if this is a naive question, I'm trying to compare and contrast based on Vertrees.

I ask because I will have be make compromises in terms of what is available at local nurseries. Thanks,

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