assistance with my elder japanese maples

sleevendogMay 17, 2013

New to the garden forum. I have three 50yr old Japanese maples that i inherited 7yrs ago in my new 'old'home.
Obviously established. One is cascading and attached to my home in many places at my entry front door. The other two are 25 ft in circumference and lovely. I have pruned as necessary to enter my home. But they continue to explode every year...Now still in their spring auburn shade and soon to transition to green. I would like to get some assistance in pruning and post pics...did not see a specific 'maple' thread or this is garden specific area? For japanese gardens...I do have a very open and all glass entry, as i can see my maples from my kitchen and from my living curtains as i am in the forest...
They are getting 'mop-like' once again and i need to shape. (i have let the lower one fill and hit the ground but the trunk structure is so beautiful i'm not sure the best approach...)
Not sure what i am asking but maybe where i would get some feedback and am i in the correct GW location.

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Oh, never mind. Having read a few pages of posts...this is not traditional gardening. More suburban and gas and elec leaf blowing. Not the love of the land and plant. More 'make-it-pretty-easy-and-quick'. Like yoga at the mall on a rubber mat instead of under a maple on a carefully placed stone...a garden is meditation, as is food prepared by hand. Not 'turn on the hose' and put a pizza in the microwave. Or, gack, take-out, because yoga class is on thursdays. (at the mall)

Those here that understand must be frustrated but the endless lack of knowledge or any attempt at study.

(i lost my forum from a couple years ago on an old computer. No arguments or snarky poking. It was as calm, helpful and meditative as pruning the dead wood in spring.) As a Zen gardening experience should.

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Consider posting your question here . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: Maples Forum

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