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plantgnome(6b//7)June 1, 2012

I have the following being delivered today, tomorrow and monday. If some of you can suggest which hostas should be planted together for the best coloring and size combos. I have one idea for a new area and thats Sum & substance with Queen of the Seas, Stir Fry and Big Daddy-but not planted yet so any suggestions would be helpful.

1-sum & substance

2-Queen of the Seas


4-Big Daddy

5-August Moon


7-Paradise Island

8-Stained Glass

9-Sun Power

10-Dancing Queen

I have Empress Wu, Blue Angel, Komodo Dragon, Pineapple upside Down Cake, Tokudama Aureonebulosa, Touch of Class-all are babies and can be moved easily.

Thank you all in advance.

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As I was reading, I was wondering what you were going to do with 4 Big Daddys. Then I realized you were numbering them (hangs head in shame). Yes I was blonde before the gray. After that, I best not offer any advice.

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ROFL-Yes I also lose my mind at least once a day due to babysitting grandbaby twins in their terrible twos, luckily not when I ordered the plants, 4 big daddys would not work in my yard. LOL

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I also have 2 year old twin granddaughters! They are so much fun (and work)!

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Yes tons of fun-and worth the work-I watch them 4 days a week, 9 hours a day. They sure do keep you running, LOL. Enjoy them!

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jan_on zone 5b

So - those twins will probably be able to identify hosta varieties before they can recite the alphabet. And do teach them to pull weeds!

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Oh they will hanging out with Mimi all day. LOL Trying to teach them not to pull out everything with flowers on them.
Weeds they appear to stay away from, LOL

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Really depends on your personal tastes!

Do you want hostas in grouping of similar plants? I haven all my green/white hostas together in one garden, and I keep my june next to all of its sports, as I like how they look together, and near kiwi full monty, because I like the subtle differences in color between these plants, and I like how the base color of one plant picks up the accent color in the adjacent plant.

Or, you can group them so that they contrast dramatically and each plant is very clearly different from the next.

The only suggestion I can give you is to put the big ones where they're going to stay for good -- the mediums can be moved around fairly easily in the future. But moving a big one, you're more than likely going to set it back a year. And consider sun. S&S and Stained Glass and Sun Power will do well in sun, but Queen of the Seas might lose her blue early in too much sun.

The first year of planting a new bed, I see as a test run. More than likely, I'm going to move everything around before the year is up. :)

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I tried to place them so there is contrast. the big ones are in the ground were they will stay as I gave them a wide berth to grow-Empress Wu is way far away from Blue Angel and Komodo Dragon. August Moon has her own space for now and get a little afternoon sun and I made a niche for Queen of the Seas in less light. and there are two oaks with which the foliage meets up high. So its filtered sun when it gets there at like 4pm. The yellow ones like Sun Power, Stained Glass and Paradise Island (going in next week) get more sun than the others.
I am not a big fan of moving Hosta, it kind of scares me that I'll kill it. Ferns are no biggie to move to make more room for an enlarging Hosta.

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bragu_DSM 5

Big Daddy and Elegans tend to be slower grows, but that Elegans will get big ... you have lots of large hosta there so give them all enough room.

You might consider getting a smaller hosta or two, like lemon lime, and planting it under a large blue hosta. I have mine surrounding a Blue Arrow and it's a nice fit.


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Thats a great idea-never thought of underplantings.Will look into it. What the heck spent a fortune already. LOL

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