Scorpion goes Hydroponics

chilliwin(EU DK 7)June 19, 2013

I do no have hydroponics system but something happened like hydroponics. I would like to explain with this picture:

The container is not self-watering system just I use the plastic bowel to avoid excess water drain on the floor. The container bottom is not touch the bottom of the bowel it has space. Today I cleaned the containers and found that the roots come out from the drainage holes touch the excess water in the bowel and there is no root damage they are white and fresh. Same thing happened to my tomato plant too.

So should I trim the roots or should I added some fertilizer to the excess drainage water in the bowel? Is there any negative consequences if the roots touched the water like this way? In case of container plant, flooded root is caused to death of the plant.

In this situation I firmly believe that add some liquid fertilizer to the water in the bowel would be very beneficial for the plant. However I am not an expert so, please give me some tips to use this experience useful.

Thanks in advance.


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As long as the roots are not submerged and "drowning", they should be fine. You could always attempt to add a cheap pump and air stone to the tray.

I would not rim the roots because of shock and potential infections.....but that is my own worry and may or may not be valid.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Indoor Growing Adventure

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i had a Hoya Plant that grew roots like this and was beautiful and healthy. Well when I changed pots, roots were no longer exposed to water and my whole plant died. So I would say keep like it is or cut them. Seems like when they start reaching for the excess water they die if you change it without cutting them off.

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when roots grow out of the drainage holes of a pot, they are root bound. That means the roots had nowhere else to grow and it is time to repot the plant.

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